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2018 has been a tough time to travel to Ecuador, as there are no direct flights from anywhere in Canada. There's a few different routes you can take, through Houston, Miami, Panama City and more. Trip times range from 16 hours to 24 hours, depending on the route you take and the length of layovers. 

This is all changing in 2019, as Air Canada has announced that starting December 8th, 2019 a direct flight from Toronto all the way to the capital of Ecuador, Quito will be availalbe. We were able to price out a round trip for $681 Canadian, including Taxes. You can find more information on the new direct flight plan here. Flights from Quito to Manta are available daily, and are only 45 minutes long. 


Visitor visas in Ecuador are granted automatically for travellers. The time limit for this visa is 90 days, and can be extended by another 30 days for a fee by visiting a lawyer. 

There's also an investors visa if you are looking to stay in the country full-time. To qualify, you must have a minimum of $25,000 USD invested in the country, plus an additional $500 per dependant. This visa allows you to get a government identity card, which is the same card held by Ecuadorian citizens. This option is primarily for full-time residents, as if you spend more than 90 days away from the country in the first two years of living there, you risk losing the visa.*

*We've never gone through the process for obtaining an investors visa, so all the information we have is second hand. You can contact the Ecuadorian Embassy in Toronto, Vancouver or Ottawa for clarification.