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Ecuador Investments

Ecuador is a beautiful place, and it's starting to become a great place for North Americans to retire or vacation to. It's attractive because of the low cost of living and the fantastic weather. It's been consistantly ranked in the top 5 places to retire by many websites and news organizations including The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes, CNBC, ABC News, Business Insider, CNN Money, International Living, and many more. 

The currency in Ecuador is the American Dollar, which isn't ideal for Canadians but when you consider how far your money will go, it is well worth it. You can go out to a nice, high end romantic dinner for two and pay no more than $40, or get lunch on the beach for $5. 

There's many areas to choose from, but most North Americans are drawn to the City of Manta on the West Coast, or Cuenca high up in the mountains. We've found Manta to be more desireable as it's right on the beach, and close to tons of smaller cities that have alot to offer.