The Repay Robertson Thuen Team

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Eldren "ET" Thuen, CD

Military Relocation Specialist



      In September 2011, Eldren 'ET' Thuen retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) after more than 37 years of service in the regular and reserve components of the Canadian Forces and RCAF. He thought he was ready for retirement, and was looking forward to golfing and spending time with his family. Instead, he found that he was more than a bit bored and began looking for other things to do. In June of 2013, he was appointed as the Honoury Colonel (HCol) of 1 Canadian Forces Flying Training School; and as part of this appointment, he also became a member of the 17 Wing Commander's HCol Council. One of the major points of discussion at the first council meeting was the unique 'bidding' situation within the Winnipeg Real Estate Market, and across Canada. A fellow HCol suggested ET start a career in real estate to help military members cope with this issue; something he was more than happy to do. 

      Throughout his military career, ET has relocated 11 times and has seen his fellow military members move countless times. He fully understands the struggles that members and their families endure when relocating throughout Canada. He knows that while moving can be an adventure, it is also somewhat of a traumatic experience. With the rules in place that severely limit the number of days available to find a home, a lot of members are 'forced' to buy homes they aren't entirely happy with, or they simply cannot find a home in the allocated time. With that in mind, he started his realty courses in February 2014, and in June was registered as a real estate agent; ready to start helping others. 


      Understanding the unique stresses and situation that military members are in, ET also understands the importance of having someone available and prepared to get you into the house that you want, when you want, and in a neighbourhood that suits your needs and desires. This is the hallmark of ET's support to clients. Additionally, he is developing a network of agents across the country who also fully understand and appreciate the peculiarities of the 'military move' and who have the same dedication to serving their clients as he does. While he has been working to specifically enhance the move experience for members of the military, this is applicable to all his clients from whatever walk of life. His hope is that his work in supporting all his clients and his network of 'like-minded agents' will engender trust and a sense of being cared about for everyone working with him.